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Success with Portion Control Diet Plans

Success with Portion Control Diet Plans

Since I failed so many diets, I figured that getting rid of all the food in the house and replacing it with a portion control diet plan food supply might help. Those are the diets that provide you all your meals in portioned packaging. You eat your portions not having to worry about counting calories and you start to lose weight. This is what got me looking at the most thorough Medifast review site I could find. There are different portion control diet companies out there, and I was leaning toward trying Medifast.
I like it that you can have full breakfasts, lunches, dinners and even snacks that are all portioned so you do not overeat. Now if you go crazy and open up two of the same thing and dump it on your plate, then you are defeating the purpose of the diet. These diets that control each meal by controlling how much you get of each thing from the entree to the dessert will work if you follow the plan.
The packaging really helps. If I have a bag of a crunchy snack, I always count out one portion and then add a little extra. Then I look and think I will still be hungry, so I add another portion of a different snack. This then turns snack time into a full multi-course meal. Albeit, a multiple course meal of junk food. This is how I defeat my own effort. I had to get all of the regular food I crave out of the house. Then I stuck to my Medifast meal portions to lose the weight I wanted to lose. Losing it slow and steady was also important. No more crash dieting for me. That is always a recipe for total failure when it comes to diet plans.
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