Suggestions for Building Muscles and Eating Right

Suggestions for Building Muscles and Eating Right
Why are we concentrating on a bodybuilding routine for building back muscles? Why not, say the biceps or the chest? Let me tell you a few little known facts about the back and its surrounding area.
To begin with, the back is often an ignored area with most body builders as they are starting out (which is why I enjoyed this Visual Impact Muscle Building review which clearly shows the program includes the back). After all, the glossies all seem to focus on smiling Greek gods with rippling biceps and chests. Who ever looks at the muscle mass on the small of the back? Now that is where the problem begins.
Every gymnast, athlete and weight lifter who has been on the circuit for a few years knows that his performance depends greatly on how strong the small of his back is. That is where the real stress and strain of the lift, the throw and the jerk accumulates. If you ignore your back, you can probably reach only up to the first level of your body building routine. This is the place where you begin to stand out from the vast masses. But you will never reach the second level – which is when you begin to be a part of a select minority. And you may never reach the third level – when the glossies start clamoring for your shots.
A few other issues need to be brought out. While you may be burning a lot of calories, remember that if you are looking for muscle mass, you need to give your body a lot of calories back too. This has to be in the form of proteins and a balanced quantity of complex carbohydrates. You should also get away from the three square meal paradigm. You would be much better off following a six small meal routine. This reduces the strain on your digestive system and keeps your sugar levels more balanced. If you are at work, you can simply split your lunch packet into two parts and have them a couple of hours apart. This also has the advantage of keeping your body lighter for your evening routine which is where your bodybuilding routine for building back muscles will become the most effective.

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